17 things you can do to improve well being

What is well being? Certainly a blanket term, well being covers everything from mental health, financial situation, physical health and world-view, to sexual, spiritual and philosophical fulfilment, as well as sense of purpose and family relations. Let’s answer the question of what is well being right now:

How to go with the flow

“Just go with the flow” is a common piece of advice given out for finding peace and calm with oneself. But what does that actually mean? When people say that phrase my mind conjures up the image of a leaf, like in the picture, gently resting on the surface tension of a meandering stream. Twirling …

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Why be healthy?

Ever been on a road trip where you drove past a great big hill and thought “I wonder what the view is like from the top of that?” In fact, you wouldn’t actually need to be an ultra-fit endurance athlete with a resting pulse rate of 38 beats per minute to find out. If you’re …

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