Flow State At Work

There are so many different types of jobs and activities that can be considered “work”, but the core principles of reaching a state of flow stay more or less the same between them all.

Flow State in Surfing

Flow state in surfing is easily reached by bringing your focus directly to the present moment. The challenge/skills balance is achieved with an awareness of your own abilities in relation to the ocean’s conditions. Here I relate my own experience of a time that I got into flow state during a surfing session. Read this …

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Achieve Flow State In Running

Runners will tell you themselves that running is one of the most accessible ways to quickly enter into flow state. This totally natural activity engages the entirety of the human physiology and activates many different systems within the body. Here we use the term “flow state” in the original context defined by the renowned and …

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Flow State. What It Is and How To Enter It

After having practised meditation, various breathing methods, visualization and mental focusing techniques, I became aware of something referred to in neuroscience as “flow state”. This sounded intriguing so I took some time to research what it is all about, how to get into flow state and what the benefits of it are.

How to go with the flow

“Just go with the flow” is a common piece of advice given out for finding peace and calm with oneself. But what does that actually mean? When people say that phrase my mind conjures up the image of a leaf, like in the picture, gently resting on the surface tension of a meandering stream. Twirling …

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