Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching – My Personal Review

Alex Larsson’s Hyperbolic Stretching Program teaches you how to rapidly increase your muscular flexibility using practical, scientific methods. It provides a programme for almost anyone to achieve enough flexibility to perform front and side splits in a relatively short timeframe. You will also learn some of the science behind what determines the flexibility of the muscular system.

How does it work?

Alex Larsson provides several e-books as part of the package with the main one being Hyperbolic Stretching, with a separate version for either men or women.

There is also a gender-neutral page here.

Within the main book, you receive a very definite “protocol”, consisting of a few exercise routines, to bring any normal-functioning person to be able to get into the full splits positions, both sideways and front-facing.

I find that Larsson does a good job of explaining the scientific reasons behind the specific exercises and techniques that are employed in the program. He breaks it down to understandable terms and so the whole package makes sense.

Are the claims realistic?

Hyperbolic Stretching claims to get almost anyone to be able to pull off front and side splits in four weeks, even if you are quite stiff already and can’t even touch your toes.

In my experience, if you actually do the program and follow through with it to the letter, then this claim should be achievable. I personally noticed incredible gains in flexibility while only following part of the program and applying the scientific principle explained within the package. With a bit of dedication and consistency, you could be doing splits in four weeks from learning the methods.

It is also possible, as in my case, to take things a bit slower and still greatly increase flexibility using the ideas from the program. If you were to pick up the pace later on then you would achieve full flexibility in less than four weeks.

Is it a scam?

Hyperbolic Stretching is really just a collection of information about increasing muscular flexibility. There are also bonus packages on the subjects of boosting strength and also mental attitude. If you sign up to the email list you also receive coaching through the stretching program and other useful tips and tricks. If all that’s a scam then what is a good deal?

It is possible to learn about why muscles are stiff or flexible by searching the internet yourself, but what makes this package unique is the “stretch protocol” designed by Alex Larsson himself, that ties the information together. It’s also useful to just have that information in one place rather than scattered all over the web.

In my opinion, the Hyperbolic Stretching package is good value for money and therefore not a scam.

Is it really for everyone?

“Everyone” is really a broad term, but if you have functioning limbs and injury-free muscles, tendons and ligaments, then this program will work for you. If you have been injured or have a condition that might compromise your strength and/or flexibility, then you might want to get a professional opinion from a doctor, physiotherapist or neurosurgeon before performing the exercises.

What if I don’t want to learn how to do the splits?

Fair point. You might want to gain flexibility but not necessarily achieve the full splits like Jean-Claude van Damme does. In that case, you can still benefit from Hyperbolic Stretching. The exercises that are shown for doing the splits can be adapted for any muscle group or area. In fact, one of the bonus packages included in the deal is called “Full Body Flexibility”, which teaches you how to improve all-round flexibility. You get a lot more bang for your buck than just learning to do the splits.

Is flexibility really important anyway?

You may have come across an article explaining how muscular flexibility does not improve athletic performance and can be just a waste of time. Is this true? As with most things of such nature, the answer is, “it depends”. A famous example given is a Kenyan world champion long-distance runner who is unable to bend down and touch his toes while keeping straight legs.

If you think about it logically, different types and amounts of flexibility are required for different physical activities. For example, a hurdler will require a more flexible hamstring than a long-distance runner. It depends on the required range of motion of the muscle being used to perform the task. A stiff ballet dancer will not look very graceful. Martial artists might require a certain level of flexibility in their legs to perform high kicks and other techniques.

Not every sport requires the full splits, but it certainly will impress your friends if you can do it. You might also just enjoy the sense of achievement and satisfaction in getting there.

How about those bonuses?

As mentioned earlier, along with the main Hyperbolic Stretching ebook, you receive four bonus ebooks as part of the package. These are:

  1. Full-Body Flexibility. This is not the same as Hyperbolic Stretching but brings about flexibility in a slower, safer, more relaxed way. It complements the main program but can also be used by itself.
  2. HIIT2FIT. That stands for High-Intensity Interval Training 2 Fit. This is a fat-burning and fitness routine that claims to speed up the process of shedding body fat using high-intensity interval training.
  3. Training Guide. Further guidance in HIIT routines and specific exercises. This ebook delves into the science behind the choice of HIIT as a regular choice to gain and maintain optimal fitness levels.
  4. Mind Power Unleashed. This is a very philosophical, yet at the same time quite practical publication. It aims to imbue the reader with a positive mindset and attitude that will help through life’s journey. This ebook goes quite in-depth to try to get you “on the rails” and ready for success, happiness and overall satisfaction with the bigger picture of your life.


In my opinion, Hyperbolic Stretching is worth the price on its own. I was interested in learning how to do the full splits, however, and this has certainly cleared up that knowledge for me. The price for this information is very reasonable and if you want more flexibility in your body, the price to get that is almost minuscule. The fact that you also get these bonuses with it for me is a real addition of value that makes it a no-brainer to purchase.

You just have to ask yourself: “Do I want it… or not?”