Hacking Biomechanics

Motivation to Hack Biomechanics The motivation behind hacking biomechanics is to find ways to use the body’s motion and positioning to complete tasks in the most efficient and optimal way possible. This falls under the field of biohacking because we are thinking laterally about the human body’s natural and established systems and processes. The reach …

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Are Multivitamins Actually Healthy?

If you take a top-quality, once-a-day multivitamin supplement, then you can be fairly certain that your vitamin and mineral needs are being met to an adequate standard. People with medical conditions, such as heart disease or Alzheimer’s, will need more specialist attention to their vitamin/mineral/supplement profile than someone who is “normally” healthy. For example, heart …

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Flow State At Work

There are so many different types of jobs and activities that can be considered “work”, but the core principles of reaching a state of flow stay more or less the same between them all.